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Industrial Painters SSPC Coating Application specialist The Society for Protective Coatings has implemented new standards of training for all QP 1 & 2 contractors. The FTI of New England is offering CAS Training classes to prepare the end user in the proper use of instrumentation, the written exam & how to complete the SSPC application properly on the following dates: March 4 CAS prep 4pm Brentwood March 5 CAS Exam 8am Brentwood Only after the completion of the preparatory classes will you be scheduled for the CAS Level II Interim Status testing required by our QP 1 & 2 contractors effective January 2013. All CAS Exams are by appointment only; any member not scheduled will be denied access. Contact Wayne Cummings to schedule you CAS Preparatory class now @ 603-693-1005 x19

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